HOKIE 0.75

384,000 FT, MACH 5.5



Hokie 0.75 is a two stage rocket with an installed impulse of approximately 210,000 Ns. Its goal is to break the Kármán Line at 100 km. In addition, Hokie 0.75 will provide OLVT with crucial knowledge and experience as the team progresses to develop Hokie 1, the team’s future orbital launch vehicle. Like all other OLVT designed launch vehicles, the team uses the systems engineering approach throughout the design of Hokie 0.75. Aluminum will form the majority of the rocket’s body, while the sustainer electronics bay and nose cone will be made of fiberglass for weight minimization and RF transparency. The booster motor will land on a single parachute, while the sustainer utilizes dual deployment to minimize wind drift. Furthermore, Hokie 0.75 will utilize a custom built avionics system which combines commercial off the shelf devices, such as the AIM XTRA logic and controls system, with custom hardware, such as the RF transmissions system, to provide a safe and reliable launch as well as data for a proper post-flight analysis. The booster motor employs case bonded Finocyl grains, while the sustainer utilizes pre-cast bates grains. Both motors incorporate carbon graphite nozzles. Four trapezoidal fins bolted to both the booster and sustainer will stabilize and guide the rocket’s trajectory.

Simulated Maximum Altitude: 384,000 ft

Simulated Maximum Velocity: Mach 5.5

Impulse:  210,000 Ns

Staging:  2 Stages, Q to P