Orbital Launch Vehicle Team

Virginia Tech

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Each engineering subteam performs an integral role in the design, integration, and launch of our rockets. The avionics subteam designs the electronic systems of the rocket, while trajectory and analysis runs comprehensive flight simulations. The structures subteam designs physical components of the rocket, while propulsion helps develop safe and powerful motors. Launch operations works on launch tower design and vehicle integration to help ensure a safe and functional launch.

Our Mission

Utilizing a student run organization, engaged faculty, and supportive industry personnel, OLVT hopes to reduce the cost of academic payloads while developing competent and experienced problem solvers among its members.


OLVT offers a unique opportunity compared to other engineering design teams in the form of a dedicated business subteam. Some of the most talented business majors at Virginia Tech are given the opportunity to manage and acquire team funds and gain professional experience collaborating with members specializing in different fields.


Started by a group of ten passionate students in the spring of 2016, we are a group of dedicated Virginia Tech students devoted to becoming the first collegiate organization to deliver an object into Low Earth Orbit. OLVT is comprised of students with expertise in avionics, structural design, electronics, propulsion, launch operations, trajectory analysis, and business. We are proud to have the support of the Kevin T. Crofton Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Department at Virginia Tech as well as the Electrical Engineering Department at Virginia Tech and hope to bring other colleges and departments on board in the near future. Today, the team has over one hundred members studying across multiple departments and colleges at Virginia Tech. We are humbled by the diversity of the areas in which our members study, and are dedicated to providing them the best hands-on career-oriented experience they can find on campus.