Due to the nature of our work, all individuals applying to OLVT must meet the requirements of a US Person as designated by ITAR 22 CFR § 120.15. We unfortunately cannot accept members who do not meet this requirement. 




Designs, builds and tests advanced flight computer systems and sensors that allow our rockets to function autonomously and safely during flight while relaying valuable data back to the team on the ground.



Manages the acquisition and expenditure of team funds, corporate outreach, and sponsor relations while furthering the team’s brand both on campus and online.

Launch Operations


Facilitates safe and orderly launch events through the creation of extensive testing and launch day procedures, event coordination, risk mitigation, and launch tower design.



Designs, builds, and tests the team’s propulsion systems and motor hardware, ensuring that our rockets reach intended altitudes and velocities precisely and safely.  



Designs, builds, and tests the structural components of our rockets, recovery systems, and staging mechanisms through the use of advanced CAD, finite element analysis, assembly, and manufacturing techniques. 

Trajectory and Aerodynamic Analysis


Works to ensure that our vehicles experience nominal flight path and trajectory characteristics, aerodynamic, and thermal loads through the application of advanced flight simulation, finite element analysis, and computational fluid dynamics techniques. 



Free from the bounds of design competition requirements, OLVT can set its own goals, chart its own path, and design its own missions.  


Whether you’re a brand new member or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be given real responsibilities for mission critical design, build, and launch operations. 


As a member of OLVT, you’ll gain the hands on, minds on experience that top employers in the industry are looking for. Below are a few places that our members have found jobs and internships…


What We Look For

The following is an ordered list of traits we generally seek in our applicants. If you don’t check all the boxes, don’t sweat it! We’re a collegiate rocketry team, not a Fortune 500. We’re here to offer professional experience, not expect it of you. Our application form can be found below.

  1. Passion for space/rocketry
  2. Hard working, motivated, objective driven
  3. Teamwork mindset/experience
  4. Self-starter, willing to take initiative
  5. Punctuality, time management skills
  6. Safety mindfulness
  7. Exceptional academic performance
  8. HPR certification/experience
  9. Manufacturing experience
  10. Work/internship experience

Application Form

Our Fall 2021 application window has closed. Please check back again next year to be considered for Fall 2022!