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Please check out and support our sponsors!

Why Sponsor OLVT?

Student Development

OLVT attracts bright, driven, and committed students from various backgrounds and skill sets.

Brand Recognition

Flaunt your logo on the side of an awesome rocket. We promise your company will look bad ass. 

Join our Team

Become part of the first amateur organization to reach low Earth orbit. 

How you can help us

Contributions In Kind

OLVT loves donations of equipment/supplies.  We believe this builds the strongest and most productive relationship with our benefactors. 


As a purely undergraduate program, OLVT welcomes any knowledge and experience offered. We pride ourselves in our ability to learn.

Monetary Contribution

Monetary contributions go a long way covering our day to day expenses. 

Want to sponsor our team?    
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Don't want to get too involved but still want to help?

How we can help you

Mercury Sponsor

<$5,000 or in kind equivalent
Advertised on Sponsors page
OLVT t-shirt
Monthly updates from our team

Gemini Sponsor

>$5,000 or in kind equivalent
Mercury Perks
Shout out on our Facebook page
Logo on back of our t-shirt
OLVT engraved Hokie Stone

Apollo Sponsor

>$10,000 or in kind equivalent
Gemini Perks
Bring two friends to Hokie 1 launch
Bigger logos in all "sponsors" areas
Access to team resumes

Hokie 1 Sponsor

>$100,000 or in kind equivalent
Apollo Perks
Bring five friends to Hokie 1 launch
Big logo on rocket
Choose the payload (2U)
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