50,000 FT, MACH 2



Currently, OLVT is working to develop Hokie 0.75, a two stage sounding rocket designed to place a 5 kg payload beyond the Kármán Line. The team created a sub-scale version dubbed Test Turkey to more rigorously verify and demonstrate the viability of key design elements in relevant flight conditions. Test Turkey successfully flew on a CTI L-1720 motor, testing key structural, electrical, propulsion, and fundraising systems. The rocket reached an altitude of 5,875 ft, a maximum vertical acceleration of 16.0 G, and a maximum velocity of 739 ft/s. Furthermore, this launch verified the team’s ability to properly model and analyze data extracted from flight. The team plans to re-launch Test Turkey on a CTI N-10000 motor to better simulate the demanding flight conditions of Hokie 0.75. 

Maximum Altitude:  5,875 ft – 10,000 ft

Maximum Velocity:  Mach 0.7 – Mach 2.1

Impulse:  3,660 Ns – 10,000 Ns

Number of Flights:  2

Launch Location:  Kentland Farm

Years Flown:  2020